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Mark Tewart and his group of companies offer speaking engagements, sales and management training, workshops, online training programs, consulting, personal coaching and many different products and services to grow your team members and your business. Mark Tewart is also an in-demand professional speaker, business consultant, business performance turn-around expert, media spokesperson and author of the best seller, “How To Be A Sales Superstar.”

Discover how you experience record sales and profits just like current and past clients of Tewart Enterprises. You can uncover the secrets to dominate your marketplace, make more gross and net profits while retaining more of your customers. Many of our clients have experienced seven figure increases in their business. Thousands of salespeople and managers spanning the globe have exploded their incomes as much as ten-fold using the information and technology from Tewart Enterprises Inc. First watch the video and then be sure to join our FREE Newsletter to claim your bonuses worth thousands of dollars.

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Mark Tewart has a track record of over two decades of producing results. Mark’s background includes being a top performing Salesperson, Sales Manager and General Manager of several multimillion dollar businesses.

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You Are Not Giving Me Enough For My Trade In!

If you sell vehicles, you have definitely heard this before. The value of the trade in is one of the major sticking points of any car purchase transaction. If you are not ready for this objection you are killing your income and setting up your competitors to sell a vehicle. Never start at the point…


Businessman on mobile phone

Phone Dynamics

To increase sales and profits, spend time preparing and monitoring the phone opportunities as you would walk-in traffic. A typical retail business has as many phone sales opportunities as it has walk-in traffic. An effective system has the following: • Training for the receptionist • Training for the sales people and management • A uniform…


The Power of Action

I was recently invited to be a guest lecturer for an entrepreneur class at the University of Cincinnati. In the question-and-answer portion of the program, the professor asked me to sum up what I felt was the most important message I could stress to the class. My reply was one word – ACTION. At a…


Sales People multitasking

Five Tips for Beginning Sales People

1. Educate Yourself Don’t wait for managers or anyone else to give you the sales education you need. Unfortunately, the automobile industry has been stuck for years in a, “Throw them in and see if they can swim mentality.” Some dealerships take new recruits to a meeting room and have them watch training tapes for…

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